Phelisanong is a grassroots project that thrives in a very challenging environment. An initiative led by Africans of vision and boundless energy, the project’s success rests on the shoulders of those who work, day in and day out, to sustain it. Every penny the group receives is used to maximum effect.

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Two youth resident buildings

In order to take the over crowding pressure of the resident buildings, we would like to build two new buildings. One for boys and one for girls. 

Accommodation for caregivers

Presently our caregivers sleep in the youth resident buildings. We would like to provide a space for our caregivers to rest and take breaks, which will provide a healtheir work environment.

Community Hall

A communal space where all the residents can assemble at the same time, eat together, host events would create a stronger sense of community. 

Physiotherapy Building

Many of the children who reside at Phelisanong are in need of regular physiotherapy. Currently, the physiotherapy appointments happen around the center.  A well designed building which is specifically for physiotherapy is a necessity. 

Salary for a full time Agricultural Farm Manager

Phelisanong owns and has access to a large amount of land capable of producing food. There are orchards, shade houses and food gardens that currently provide food. We would like to hire someone who can plan and manage these resources to it’s maximum capacity, which will provide nutrition and help the centre grow. 

The Road to the Centre

Our road to Phelisanong is down a hill that, when it rains, disintigrates to the stage where it’s very difficult to travel. The road needs to be repaired so access to and from the Centre is easier and quicker.

Vocational Training Centre

We already operate a small vocational training centre, but we would like to expand it to a larger, well-staffed vocational training centre. Education in Lesotho does not guarantee a secure job or future so training in woodwork, plumbing sewing and other practical trades is often a more practical option when finishing school.