In Lesotho, most families have a farming background and agriculture has been the lifeblood of communities for generations. That food system is breaking down in the face of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, as people in their productive years are unable to work the land.

Phelisanong works with 14 villages in the Pitseng region, developing orchards and gardens for orphans and HIV/AIDS patients. These programs are led by local soccer coaches, who mobilize their teams to work the land. In exchange for their work, members of the villages receive food and seedlings to plant in their home gardens. These community members are encouraged to supply surpluses to orphans and people living with HIV/AIDS in their communities.

Phelisanong staff maintain vegetable gardens, two orchards, and livestock including cows, pigs, sheep, goats, and chickens. The food grown and raised is used in the kitchen to provide nutritious and wholesome meals for the community. 

Phelisanong is a grassroots project that thrives in a very challenging environment. Every penny the centre receives is used to maximum effect.

“There is little water spilled when it is being carried uphill”.