HIV/AIDS Support Group

A group of strong women run the HIV/AIDS support group at Phelisanong. They support each other and youth to be open about their status. They also educate youth on how to care for themselves when they are on ARVs. There is also a garden where the women grow food in order to teach the community about nutrition when they are on medication. 

Albino Link

The Lesotho Albino Link connects people living with albinism in Lesotho. They meet to give each other strength to address stigmas, discrimination and struggles that they endure in their lives. On top of that, they also distribute sunscreen and sunglasses. They are supported by the African Albino Foundation. 

Phelisanong is a grassroots project that thrives in a very challenging environment. Every penny the centre receives is used to maximum effect.

“There is little water spilled when it is being carried uphill”.