The Phelisanong organization was founded by a group of people living with disabilities who were determined to address the stigma and discrimination they faced growing up in Lesotho. Today the founders, with a group of dedicated staff and volunteers, care for children and youth with disabilities, illnesses, as well as orphans in a loving and supportive home environment.

Phelisanong is the only facility in Lesotho that accepts children with both physical and mental disabilities. The Ministry of Social Development, the Ministry of Education and community members bring children here because there are no other options. Unfortunately, it currently turns away more children than it can help due to lack of infrastructure and resources.

Hope’s Home for Little Babies was opened in 2016 to give orphaned and abandoned babies a safe home where they can grow and be cared for in the best way.

Phelisanong is a grassroots project that thrives in a very challenging environment. Every penny the centre receives is used to maximum effect.

“There is little water spilled when it is being carried uphill”.