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About Phelisanong

Phelisanong is a community-based organization in Lesotho, Southern Africa founded by a group of disabled and HIV/AIDS positive villagers in 2001. The Centre provides a home, family, and community for people living with various mental and physical disabilities, HIV/AIDS, and other chronic illnesses, and orphans. Visit project pages to find out more about how Phelisanong is transforming lives in Africa!


Phelisanong is the only facility in Lesotho that accepts children with both physical and mental disabilities.


Phelisanong operates the Mamello English Medium Primary School, which is attended by children from surrounding villages as well as residents of the Centre.

food security

Phelisanong staff maintain vegetable gardens, two orchards, and livestock including cows, pigs, sheep, goats, and chickens. The food grown and raised is used in the kitchen to provide nutritious and wholesome meals for the community.


A focus of Phelisanong is fostering connections and supplying education and resources to vulnerable groups such as those living with HIV/AIDS and those living with albinism.

Phelisanong is a grassroots project that thrives in a very challenging environment. Every penny the centre receives is used to maximum effect.

“There is little water spilled
when it is being carried uphill”



Corona lockdown

There will be no movement in and out of Phelisanong Center from all our stake holders friends, our communities. Caregivers will be locked in too

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about lesotho

Lesotho is a small country in southern Africa. Mountainous and ruggedly beautiful, the country is home to the Basotho people. HIV and AIDS is taking a devastating toll on the country, with people in their productive years — parents, farmers, teachers and health workers — dying in alarmingly high numbers. Left behind are children and the elderly, who struggle to cope. Life saving ARV treatment is now available to those infected with HIV and AIDS in Lesotho, and the race for the whole nation to be tested, and treated, is on. In the foothills of the Maluti mountains, a remarkable community has come together to provide a home and family for children and youth living with mental and physical disabilities, chronic illnesses, as well as orphans. It also employs those living with various disabilities. The center provides education, counseling and support to empower individuals and address stigma and discrimination. Phelisanong has quickly grown to become one of the leading community development organizations in Lesotho.